Just doodled this thing while at work. Summer is hot, which is fine. Much better than cold. A lot of funny things happening, but also confidential (cause I’m s’professional). Don’t be sad. I’ll tell you all about it when I do stand up comedy at CAFE RED on Wednesdays (Seattle, WA) and sometimes Tony V’s Garage on Mondays (Everett, WA); usually starting at 8PM! If you want to throw a wrench in my set, then request that I do my Big Asian bit.

I’d do more but there’s more to life than comedy sometimes. Important things like sleeping, learning, or tripping off a higher than recommended dose of mushrooms while climbing a mountain in the summer sun while your inner demons chase you.

Great news, Manny Pacquiao has won via KO for the first time in YEARS! Bad news, he’s probably never gonna retire now. Please Manny, you have nothing left to prove. Save your brain. Go fund the rise of another Filipino person. He’s probably gonna die in the ring. Hey! At least Filipinos are back in! Invest in JOLLIBEE you jive ass turkeys!

Stay woke. Resist evil. Die free!

“Are you gonna be, say you’re gonna be, are you gonna be, say you’re gonna be, are you gonna be, say you’re gonna be, well well, well well…”

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