Pulling some inspiration from G.Larson. I was gonna post a Ninja Assassin comic, but this was just too good. Read my autobiography when I drive off a cliff into certain ocean doom to find out why.

Anyway. Seems like a dark time for the world in general. Thankfully, it’s a GREAT time for a hidden army of hallucinogenic cannibals to rise up. Great time. I can’t lead it at the moment since I have my hands bound into the irons by a nefarious dead entity still grasping to life at any cost. Any. Cost. So if you’re hungry and in shape, head to your local grocery store and eat a person alive. Fuck that cooking nonsense.

I’m mostly kidding. Stick to those Doritos flavored Pop Chips (Now with extra Doritos). I swear I saw those at the grocery store the other day…

If anyone’s fishing to hire a silly writer who throws in the occasional tragedy, let me know. I’m your guy… My day job is slowly drowning all its workers.

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