That was an actual story from someone I used to know who was trying to make me feel better about myself at the time.

Pretty dope month so far: New album by Dumbfoundead, and A Tribe Called Quest, AND CHILDISH GAMBINO. Chappelle hosted SNL. Manny didn’t get murdered. They STILL haven’t fired me for some reason so I must be doing well. New girlfriends. New president (I’m jk, I don’t give a fuck about that. Master yourselves, slaves! Can’t believe so many fuckin idiots even bothered still paying attention to the illusion when the choice was one of the dark oligarchy’s deadliest hosts and a rich man-child. It’s like an intelligence stat check on the whole planet that a majority of people failed). Just a few positive notes in an endless stream of needlessness.

I’ve also got some super secret projects I’m working on so I might be gone for a while again, but I love you so don’t worry. Papabear will be back.

Also, I’d like to formally request for my regular visitors to consider sharing some of your resources my way through the donation page: HERE!!!. Why? I can’t answer that; only you can. Maybe you like tangents filled with righteous indignation. Maybe it’s the drawings. Maybe you’re over-analyzing my work but in a manner that’s reaping positive benefits to your life. Whatever it is, I appreciate whatever you share, and I will for sure not devour your soul when my vessel reaches its final form at the time of humanity’s downfall. Thank you!

Don’t give up. Cut the excess jargon of useless ideas and activities from your lives, and ultimately realize the truth: The vessel you have is a momentary human breath in an infinite cycle of recomposition. Unchain yourself and truly be free.



Childish Gambino – Me & Your Mama

A Tribe Called Quest – We The People…. (Lyric Video)

Sendai Era – Second Sunrise ft. Turtle T

Dumbfoundead – Banned In The Motherland ft. Jay Park, Simon Dominic, G2 (Prod. by Josh Pan)

Mounika. – I’m Away

saib. – Spike Spiegel

Limes – Jovial

Frumhere – I changed my name to forget my past [EP] // Lo-fi · Chill · Relax

bLAck pARty – Best View (Official Video)

Shia LaBeouf on 5 Fingers of Death

T.S.O.L., Abolish Government/Silent Majority



Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue – SNL

Body Shy – PK w/ Korean Subtitles

Bill Burr: Nothing Will Change With Trump As President – CONAN on TBS

Springbrook (Starring Randall Park)

Ghost in the Shell trailer

Mark Passio On Donald Trump & Satanic Pedophiles In Government NEW Must Watch

Neil Kramer The Way Out Of The Matrix

Ice T Mavericks Who Live On The Edge Say Fuck It!