Deep down inside, I just want to make jokes to amuse myself and my friends, and smash things. The problem is that smashing certain things affect certain people negatively. Wanton smashing affects others, and I may not have the requisite strength to deal with the consequences from said smashing.

Ergo, I must behave and wait for the proper moment to smash things. Then I will feel joy. So if you need things smashed or destroyed, contact me: Sid Santiano, Professional Smasherer. Smashing body, mind, and soul. 

Totally not dead. Yet. (-_o)

I’m thinking I’m back. Next strip is gonna take a while.

Some of those things have followed me from the darkness. I don’t know when they’ll strike, but I always sleep with a knife. SO BRING IT! BRING IT, UNIVERSE! I’ll make you regret ever composing me! I will die in defiance to your lost spawns’ whim.

Anyway. Make intelligent choices and take your vitamins.

Links for ya, mortal humans:


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