It’s a good time for everyone to deeply consider where all their resources are going towards.

It’s always a good time for that.

Bliss at what cost?

B-b-bonus Addendum EditI try not to say too much on the internets anymore. Partially because of all the sociopaths out there, and partially because of general limited attention span induced illiteracy in the populace. Are humans capable of processing the endless quantity of data in this world? Given the multitude of spells we place on ourselves and the ones placed on us, our minds can barely penetrate through it all enough to organize an effective form of resistance against the parasites among us. The humans from the old tribes, and their legion of teat suckling cult members. The ones who are so far ahead of any possible opposition due to their root programming on the populace countless generations ago. They have successfully bred enough of their human resources to be spineless drones who nary question their existence. The few who remain wild burrow. The few who fight are demonized, isolated, and extinguished. And so I wonder: How long can the hairless apes play make believe before the wild brings them back home?

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“Later, squishy humans.”
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