I must be having oodles of fun because time is passing by faster than the McGregor x Aldo fight.

The week seemed like a real bumpy and heavy week for humans in my sample size. Poor humans. All things pass.

I recall a conversation I had about some charismatic individual organizing the homeless into a standing army that would conduct guerrilla tactics on the people that pass them by without a fraction of a glance. They mentioned that some of those humans are so dependent on the institution for survival. Farming. Hunting. That sort of return to indigenous living after the world deems you subhuman seems less likely now. It’s similar to that 5 monkey in a cage story, but with humans. You never know though. You never know…

Here are some videos for you to slack off to:


IRATION – Lost And Found

Kavinsky – Odd Look

Here’s what we can do to change the world right now, to a better ride . . .