I’m sick right now. Must be from the NOT GETTING MUCH SLEEP AT ALL and working overtime as a part timer. So much rage. RAGE! All sickness protocols in effect (incubation, sinus purging, Ricola, not partaking in the sacred herb, reduced exercise workload, and whatnot).

Word on the street is that I might have failed an interview because I couldn’t help but answer honestly with what superpower I’d like to have if I could have one: Making people orgasm with my mind. I can take solace in the fact that the interviewers laughed instead of my joke bombing.

What’s next? Two comic strips with other people involved (so I have to get over myself for a moment). Filming season is creeping up slowly (YES!). Most of all, rock bottom (so I can finally abandon my present life and dedicate it to comedy). I just have to stay alive (ohhhh Jeeeeeeesussssss).


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