What’s up, humans? I’m sure most of you except for the one homeless guy reading this from the library enjoyed a very hedonic December. Whoopy-dy-doo. Congratulations.

Tons of stuff is happening in the world. Let’s see what I can recall: The new Star Wars movie is out, cha-ching for Hollywood. The internet’s freedom is creeping towards its doom due to some sneaky human word magic, greed, and some wonderfully executed social engineering. IRL, humans continue to infringe upon each other’s rights for petty gains. The oligarchy continues to try and disarm the population through flashy hegelian dialectic. Exponential growth of the population continues . . . growing. Etcetera and whatnot.

OH! Don’t forget. Somewhere, some human trips for the first time and for a moment, comprehends the dynamics of true freedom and that the only laws that must be followed are the ones that cannot be broken (as they are the laws that govern the universe, not some human word magic). Warmth courses throughout their body as a sense of belonging takes root in their being. Then this singularity, enlightenment, or drug induced delusion leaves the human troubled as it passes. The human continues about its life trying to see the world through the broken lens of a bygone trip. Eventually, it leaves the lens behind as the spell mankind is under slowly distances those memories. A few bits of data remain and the human is reminded now and then, like a wanderer seeing orphaned flowers in a flame razed meadow during a stroll through a wasteland.

Anyway, have some empathy and don’t be such an asshole this year. Lay off the bread and circus.

Here are some videos for ya:

Freddie’s Vlog – RocketJump (Purpose: Humor)

December 2015’s Youtube Music Playlist – ME, SID! (My taste in music: Questionable)

MUST-SEE DOCUMENTARY: How Big Oil Conquered the World – Corbett Report (Purpose: Drop knowledge)

In case songs in the playlist goes down, here’s a list of the songs:

  1. The Fox in the Snow – Belle and Sebastian
  2. Final Round – We Are Trees
  3. Christmas Will Break Your Heart – LCD Soundsystem
  4. A Charlie Brown X-Mas EP – MCDJ
  5. Whispering Through – Asura
  6. Odd Look – Kavinsky
  7. Spectre – Radiohead
  8. The New Black/Retrogenesis – Perturbator
  9. Friday Noon – Ciudad
  10. Hello My Old Heart – The Oh Hellos
  11. Hello – Erykah Badu ft. Andre 3000
  12. Lost and Found – Iration
  13. Never Will I Marry – Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley
  14. Wake Up Everybody – The Blue Notes
  15. Civilization – Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye
  16. Back in My Day – DJ Mek
  17. Oakland Freestyle – Bambu
  18. Lords Knows/Fighting Stronger – Meek Mill, Jhene Aiko, Ludwig Goransson
  19. Something to Believe – Blitz the Ambassador ft. Tess
  20. My Whole Yo-Kai Unite Is Dangerous – 2mello
  21. Approximately 906 Miles – Harrison Fjord
  22. Being Alone With You – ILOVEMAKONNEN
  23. World Destruction – Afrika Bambaataa ft. John Lydon
  24. Somebody’s Baby – Lykke Li & El Perro Del Mar
  25. Kapo – Molly Lewis