The sad thing about this one is that I actually walk around without my glasses most of the time, so I’m used to existing while everything is just blurry. I prefer it. It helps with focusing on just what’s in front of me. Directly in front of me.

Speaking of focus: I’ve been thinking of starting my own raider organization. We’ll hunt in packs, and eat people with mushrooms. Then when there are no more people, we eat ourselves. In the end should be some world peace. Need enough resources to win over the homeless armies in every nation. Singularity by cannibalism.

Vidja’s for ya:

*Nick Alexander – Getting Out of NYC (Stand up comedy)

*Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh | HUMAN Limits

*Childish Gambino – Storytelling Through Hip-Hop

*The Sagan Series (part 3) – A Reassuring Fable.

*Pete Tsim The Worst “Arguement” Against Anarchy & The Utopia Statement

*Psycho – A Fallout 4 Machinima – Episode 4

*Thundercat – ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’

*Sweetbn – I held you so close I forgot the world

*Sigh x Senzo – Backstab

*Ryo Fukui – It Could Happen To You