I might occasionally tone down production quality just to save time.

Oh time. You see, on a 40 hour work week (I’m on 46), you’re losing about 23.8% (27%) of your weekly hours (WH). Factoring in a regular 8 hour night’s sleep a day, you’re out 57% (60.7%) of your WH. That’s significantly less than HALF of your life hours out the window. That’s not even taking variables like travel, food prep, eating, grooming, and exercise into account. Mix that with the actual timing of your schedule, and you might as well go home, and fuck yourself.

All of this work for what? Benefits? Money? To pay for ever increasing costs of living and overpriced products? To fund whatever poor financial decisions you take to try and bring yourself happiness? The happiness that probably has something to do with you actually selling a significant portion of your soul (self) away. Why not just cut straight to addressing the purpose of your soul? Then do that until you die, or die trying?

“Oh Sid, welcome to the real world.”

Oh yeah? That’s it? That’s the best my peers have to say? Just a self approved witty statement in the face of concrete numerical data that suggests that the very components of your finite existence are primarily not yours? Ok. Fine. Have fun with your bread and circus.

I have two books that I need to produce art for. That’s all I want to do before I die (violently, I hope, with lots of psychedelics, to a large carnivorous animal devouring me). At this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever happen. I’m still looking for a dope illustrator to possibly outsource the art to. I might just get rid of the graphic potion of the graphic novels, effectively cutting out the reading impaired from my possible audience.

The books have a purpose beyond possible financial gain, but the more I’m exposed to humanity, the less I believe that anyone will actually figure it out. I wanted to share these stories because I jumped into a void and I was in it for years, and when I finally returned I had a message for my fellow humans.

I wrote a joke for my set recently: Life is like being in a zombie apocalypse, except the zombies aren’t really trying to eat you and you’re kind of just wandering around the world, because you’re a zombie too.

If that shit was too dark for you, then try this one (WHAT?! BONUS COMIC!!!)

See ya in two weeks.  (╯0_0)╯︵ ┻━┻


Here are some videos:

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