This week’s comic is super low budget due to time constraints that have fallen upon the shoulders of Sid. Years, months, weeks, maybe even days. Who knows how long SidisGood shall last. The void calls, and Sid’s will weakens by the second. His very components are forming pockets of rebellion as they refuse to follow his rule of order. The mind cancer grows, and the constituents seek to lay waste to the world outside Sid.

But Sid adamantly refuses to let this dark plague spread. With time increasingly slipping through his fingers, he must complete his objective and then seek solitude before the spores begin to fruit in order to save mankind.

Here are some videos for ya:

Touch Yourself Tonight, PSA by Deadpool

Paperman (Short film by Pixar)

When I Was Done Dying – Dan Deacon

BILLIE JEAN’S ALL STARS played by M.Miller, J.P.Maunick, B.Cobham, E.Rava, and S.Bollani