This one took way too long to make. I was so caught up trying to chase after some things since the last comic, that I didn’t have time to draw. Anyway, none of that shit worked out, apparently. I’m also entertaining the idea of selling prints of cartoons on merch on Etsy, but what kind of animal would buy such inherently worthless things?

Next episode on SidisGood: Cardboard comic or Super Duper Awesome Psychedelic Guest Artist comic!

It’s almost time to try stand up, because seriously, fuck my day job.


Links for ya, squishy humans:

///Stand Up Comedy///

Andrew Santino – The Adopted Indian Comic

KT Tatara – Dumb Girls


///Cool and/or weird Shit///

Sounds of Silence Meme (an impromptu SidisGood video inspired by Sad Affleck)

Swiss Army Man | Official Trailer HD

Space Shuttle-Riding Bat Dies The Most Glorious Death Imaginable

Slavoj Žižek on Death drive – Why Todestrieb is a Philosophical Concept



Charles Mingus – Moanin

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

MSG Thunderbolt Episode 2 Ending Theme

Higher Love vs Give Up The Goods Instrumental