Got a fuck ton of comics in line for production. Just gotta wait for these limp wristed bitches to stop trying to leech away my time with their petty hairless monkey bullshit. Excuse me. Siddy gets cranky when he’s sleepy.

Speaking of time, since humanity is primarily trying to 1-up each other’s buttholes for that sweet sweet finite time sand (used mostly for pissing away into the wind), why don’t we just collectively do the right thing and die simultaneously? Samesies! It’s a much more cost effective option than trying to achieve freedom through the infinite loop of statism, or trying to attain singularity through enlightenment or technological advancement. I can’t be the only one who knows they should’ve died years ago. We’re talking about you, Gary from HR. Nothing changes at all if you didn’t come to work. Nothing. So loosen up, you psycho. You too, Lisa. Trapping and divorce raping men? That’s a douche move. You’d be spawning parasites and sissies if you were to breed. Do something of value with your life, or just clock out.

The truth is: Most of us aren’t contributing anything positive to the universe. Humanity: The conceited and domesticated plague of passivity. Look at all these words of waste and scribbly cartoons that I make. How many people have decoded my messages of varying liminality about natural law (not John Lock’s version), eugenics/dysgenics, the Prussian education system, recognizing cult strategies, and all that other freedom loving shit? None, but hey it’s okay, going against a finely crafted socioengineering machine is tough stuff. Keep chasing paper and entertainment. Leave me the fuck alone to my work.

I’m not your messiah.


Here’s some links for ya, Earthlings, annddd go fuck yourself:


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