Two comics in less than a few months! Boom, pow, pow!

Still nowhere near done with the wolf comic or the 2 sequels Allegory of the Cake so FML (What am I doing with it?).

  • I’ll probably, PROBABLY, be at CAFE RED’s COMEDY OPEN MIC on 11/13.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be doing 4-5 at PICANTE PUNCHLINES on 11/14.
  • I’ll be trying to keep my shit together daily.

Then I’m FOR SURE gonna be at SANTA’s NAUGHTY LIST on 12/12.

If I get bodied or something, then I won’t be attending. Moreso, if it it wasn’t a suicide by human edible bear sacrifice, then I was murdered for sure. Avenge me.

Sometimes people ask me or want to joke around with me cause I’m a “comedian”, but sometimes those people forget that I’m a human first.

I don’t know what else to type so here’s some life advice from an old Asian man:
Don’t ask someone if they need help. Just help them. If they don’t want help, then forgettaboutit.

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