Special shout out to my man Stoeklebergs for delving into the internet matrix to get the site back up after I spent hours referencing completely unrelated concepts in a sad attempt at troubleshooting it. The conditions have been met…Let there be herb and fire!

Spent a few weeks of studying stand up comedy with my bestest pal (who paid for it, probably as a means of giving me more reasons to live). I retired my old open mic set that I used only 4 times. Nearly everyone in class was able to come up with a ~5 minute set. The class was led by professional comedians, Cory Michaelis and Andrew Rivers, at the Tacoma Comedy Club. Great experience. Learned a plenty about myself as the highs and lows of life, and the class took place. Not sure what the future will hold. We’ll keep at it.

I’ve got a stockpile of comics for posting, so stay thirsty my friends.

Links for ya!

( > O  V  O)> Tacoma Comedy Club – Class Graduation Show <(O  V  O < )

If you don’t want to see other people’s sets and just want to obsess about me, here’s my set…
(I haven’t even watched it myself yet, so I hope you get something out of it)

(  * ^ *) Other stuff (  * v *)

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