I wanted to write some silly shit on this post, but I’d like to address an issue to the literate. Electoral college: Go. Read. About. It. Understand it, get it through your precious human head. Your vote doesn’t matter. There are people out there who make decisions that affect the lives of the population while we’re too busy stroking our egos with food, work, and entertainment. There are people who clean up loose ends, and people who create “opportunities” to further agendas. There is apparently no rebel force to free the people. Anyone who tries is going to be labeled as “other” publicly. They won’t be “trending”.

So what are you going to do?

I have my plan. It’s been in play for years. My existence isn’t even necessary anymore.

Here are some things you can watch or listen to to ease your mind.

Trevor Moore – High In Church – Illuminati

Obsolete: Short Documentary Trailer

Era Of Shattered Illusions

Jet Set Radio Live

The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (Long Version)

The Kings of Frog Island: Welcome To The Void

Boogie – Nigga Needs

DeKobe – The Good Times

Low Leaf – As One

Black Market – I Want To Believe in Dub