Some people take psychedelics and have a wonderful time where new and exciting thought processes occur in their minds. I’ve done that copiously. These days I take them and try to be productive, only to find that everything around me is falling apart and my value as a person to be increasingly questionable. Then I wade knee deep into a lake for about an hour or so during a thunderstorm so that lightning would strike and end my pointless existence.

The storm made it’s way around me. As the lightning struck just about everywhere else, a wrapper from some fried fish place nearby danced just below the surface of the murky water. I grabbed it and a crumpled can, and threw it away. As the lake goers walked on by, a lone old man walked around the shore picking up trash. Since I’m not a piece of shit human being (at the time), I decided to help him out.

Regarding the trash, he said that you can’t blame people for everything. Which normally might have rung deep and true leading to a near cinematic moment of wisdom passing from one generation to another, but trash is from people. Especially when it’s in an enclosed body of water like a lake. Seeing as how his time on Earth is probably more limited than mine, I didn’t reply. Sometimes when you see someone trying to do something meaningful in what is essentially a pointless act given the negating variables at work, you have to weight the righteousness of their actions and let them win. Even if it’s just for a fraction of a moment.

Now I’ve been awake since 12pm YESTERDAY. Fuck. I hope one of you zombie freaks enjoys this.

Don’t really eat people though. The average human doesn’t have the biological structure and gut microbes to reliably consume humans in the manner I prefer: Alive. Fuck all the cooking and preservation shit. It’ll take a few generations to even start developing humans with that capability. You’ll probably break your teeth.

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“Later, kinky humans.”
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