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Feb 19th, 2020
I call bullshit!
Nov 11th, 2019
Sometimes I don't have it. You should still feel bad if you don't have any.
Oct 29th, 2019
Based on a toe
Apr 25th, 2019
Not so much of a joke
Nov 17th, 2018
Inspired by an Asian movie.
Jul 15th, 2018
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
May 23rd, 2018
This might be filler.
Apr 7th, 2018
There are many sad comedians
Jan 1st, 2018
Fuck corporate.
Dec 21st, 2017
The dog I live with does this too often...
Nov 13th, 2017
Based on an actual conversation.
Sep 28th, 2017
What goes on in my mind half the time.
Sep 7th, 2017
Yes, it's a GIF.
Jun 23rd, 2017
I'm an asshole, but I'm trying to be better.
May 21st, 2017
This was written by my cousin.
May 21st, 2017
Also a true story.
May 21st, 2017
I almost didn't post this. Based on a true dawg story.
May 5th, 2017
Eat healthy, be savage.
Apr 21st, 2017
Why do you even have a computer? What kind of shit are you computing?
Apr 10th, 2017
So happy I can't stand it.
Mar 27th, 2017
Please kill me.
Mar 11th, 2017
Fuck you.
Feb 17th, 2017
Blowing minds.
Nov 4th, 2016
This is a true story.
Oct 30th, 2016
This happens.
Sep 7th, 2016
Goodbye everybody, I've got to go
Sep 7th, 2016
Jul 12th, 2016
I'm stupid.
Jun 15th, 2016
Mr.Watterson, you are a legend. I'm not trying to ride on your gravy train. I just thought it would be fun to try out your style.
May 31st, 2016
I need to stop making these so long...
May 12th, 2016
A preview of my culinary genius
Apr 15th, 2016
This is my life, life, life...
Apr 11th, 2016
The next one is going to be drawn with sharpie on cardboard...
Mar 8th, 2016
Jan 24th, 2016
This was originally about pooping.
Jan 1st, 2016
Plot twist: It's all plot twist
Dec 31st, 2015
Yes, of course. Celebrate your December, humans...
Dec 23rd, 2015
Dec 19th, 2015
This is my favorite style. Wonky!
Dec 6th, 2015
True Story
Nov 26th, 2015
No room for ninjas in 2015.
Nov 10th, 2015
I'm working on it...
Nov 9th, 2015
Now you know.
Nov 4th, 2015
Today's topic: Body Issues
Oct 26th, 2015
This is not a good way to handle life.