Sidisgood, Sid Santiano, Allegory of the Cake

Born in Manila, Philippines. Developed in Hawaii and the PNW. Troublesome as a teenager, a week’s stay in the hospital with meningitis gave him superhuman disassociation powers and the ability to track down eggs at night. He attended Bastyr University to be a shaman (seriously). There he learned of the inherent corruption within the programming of most humans. Most of his days are spent in paralysis while simultaneously seeing the past, present, and future. Otherwise he can be found working on doing stand up comedy, writing stories, climbing, laughing maniacally in front of his reflection, filming sweet videos with his friends

“Enough about YOU, Sid. You fucking narcissist. Tell us about the comics.” -Person

Okay . . . SiG comics takes place in the Allegory of the Cake universe. It’s my way of making some random internet person laugh for half a second before they go click on something else. Mostly talking animals. Some philosophy in there. Some absurdism, hermeticism, and other -isms. It’s all just a distraction from modern humanity’s state of serfdom. Until enough of the humans rise up and start acting more like independent beasts than classy farm animals.

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