"Why hello there, reader."

In a slightly different universe somewhere in the Pacific Northwest,
a gang of cave dwelling beasts
live their lives entirely in the darkness of a cave
while devoting their lives
to the consumption,
philosphy of CAKE.

When a mysterious being from another dimension arrives,
one of the beasts discovers something about cake.
Something that dares
to change reality
in the cave



Allegory of the cake, AOTC, SID SANTIANO, CARTOONS, PHILOSOPHY, CAKE, comics, graphic novels

I had my friend SENDAI MIKE produce a looping track for the site.
He makes some pretty dope beats on Soundcloud if you need some.

Anyway . . . You can get the book and the kindle version through Amazon, the book comes with a FREE kindle copy.
IF you just want the digital version, there's a pay what you want deal on Gumroad below:
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