[8.21.21] “I will not upload anymore comics until everyone wakes up to the lies and resists before it’s too late. I might put some out on IG @SidisGood.” -Sid

Who Is Bill Gates? A 4 Video Documentary by The Corbett Report

I wasn’t gonna post a comic until I became super rich (never), but this rona situation has opened up my schedule. I just unretired from comedy when they started closing shit down (Hint received, God).  I did a birthday roast for my friend, comedian Brock Terrano, on Loom (what happened to Skype and Facetime?). The host wasn’t able to save the video so you’ll just have to trust me that I dominated.

I’d be all into the arts and whatnot, but the possibility of an organic or staged collapse of society has my priorities lean towards potato farming, raising livestock, and preparing defenses. That said, I have an upcoming 420 comedy show on Loom with Armani Jones (@4:20PM): The Truth Pt.1

The same people everyone is taking orders from are the same ones that has repeatedly lied and taken advantage of situations like this to further their agendas. They just stole a fuck ton of money from the people to bailout companies that deserve to fail while leaving the rest of the citizens to fend for themselves. They can’t get their stories straight from one day to another.

There’s plenty to be said, but there are more articulate individuals out there to say it. All I have to say is: Form communities, develop a food supply, protect yourself, THINK for yourself, and when the time comes…Don’t take the ticket.


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